This book is the result of the collective work of several associations.
The foreword as been written by :
- Marc Cendrier ("Robin des Toits")
- Marc Laval ("Ecologie sans Frontière")

You will find the following sheets :
- Facts
- Public documents : scientific, political, medical, legal
- mobile telephony
- state of scientific knowledge
- daily life of E.H.S. sufferers :

          - what they cannot do anymore
          - daily pains, physical tortures
          - running for protection
          - mental tortures
          - torture from neighbours
- wit and humour in E.H.S. stories
- short and clear documents :
          - household toxic sources
          - smart meters
          - mobile phones
          - E.H.S. and wifi leaflets

You can start to read this book at any page.
The copy or reproduction of some parts of this book is authorized.

We have received a lot of positive feedback and congratulations.

Enjoy the reading !